Offers pure Dietary Supplement ingredients and Nootropics, in useful amounts, directly to purchasers who aren’t interested in paying for hype and packaging, including suplements and nootropics like Phenibut, Phenylpiracetam, L-Theanine, Noopept, Icariin, Sunifiram, Picamilon, and more.

About LiftMode is operated by Synaptent LLC, a Chicago-based company launched in 2010 and dedicated to providing high quality physical and cognitive health products.

Our Values and Guiding Principles

Our Values are simple: Customer Focus, Teamwork, Pushing the Boundaries.We differentiate ourselves with New Product Innovation, Exceptional Customer Service and by never compromising on Quality.

Our Guiding Principles

Liftmode offers the best value for pure Supplements and Nootropics, in useful amounts, directly to purchasers.

We operate on six fundamental operating principles:

  1. We offer the highest quality possible, without cutting corners or compromises. We independently and rigorously test all ingredients (every batch) with a highly equipped US based laboratory to verify the identity, purity and lack of unwanted contaminants, such as heavy metals.
  2. We offer the highest standard of customer service possible. Whenever there is a decision to make, our loyalty lies with you, our customers, not a short- term profit. Whenever we are contacted with a question, our goal is to be honest, straightforward, knowledgeable and helpful. We take time to understand what you are looking for, and do whatever we can to complete each transaction to your satisfaction.
  3. We provide fast, reliable shipping and high-quality packaging. Our containers are sturdy, practical and resealable, chosen to protect the product from contamination and deterioration. We value your time and convenience, which is why we use the best shipping service available and seek to always meet or beat our delivery promises.
  4. Our core focus is to be a unique source for a variety of dietary supplement and nootropics to support your body, mood and brain health. We seek to develop and offer ingredients that are hard to find elsewhere. Our products are well researched and tested to deliver actual results.
  5. We offer competitive prices. Given our quality and customer service, we seek to be the best value on the market.
  6. Our commitment is to never stop listening to you, our customers. We will always seek to learn and improve our offerings.

By following these principles, we have earned the trust of a growing set of “in the know” customers since our launch in early 2012. We will work hard to keep earning your loyalty and grow our offerings for years to come.

LiftMode Sustainability Statement

LiftMode has grown from a small, family-based company that offers people the highest quality plant extracts and dietary supplements. We develop, test and distribute science-based, top quality pure supplements and Nootropics to support your body and mind. Many of us have traveled the world looking for the best sources of plant material and extracts to improve the lives of our customers.

We’ve developed a passion for plants and the natural world and we believe that we have an integral part to play in this beautiful system. It is from our passion for the wonders of the natural world and our desire to share the benefits of the world’s most powerful plant extracts and dietary supplements that we’ve developed our core values of sustainability.

At LiftMode, we’re dedicated to developing our business in a sustainable way. We believe that we have a responsibility to produce the highest-quality products while supporting everyone who contributes to our success along the way and taking every measure we can to reduce the impact we have on our natural environment.

We believe that a business can be sustainable only if it does not deplete or degrade the resources it benefits or draws from. All businesses, systems, and individuals depend on environmental, social, and economic resources, and so our concept of sustainability encompasses all of these aspects. To achieve sustainability requires determination and concentrated effort, in all aspects of a business.

We believe that there is an interconnectedness between the way we draw resources from the environment, the fulfillment and well-being of our employees, the health and satisfaction of our customers, and the health of the social and economic fabric in the communities in which we operate. To achieve sustainability means focussing on our business system as a whole, including all aspects, and ensuring that all of these resources are encouraged to grow healthily.

Our mission is to be a sustainable business that contributes to a better world for our employees, our customers, the communities around us, and the environments from which we draw our resources. This requires a long-term outlook that promotes positive change in the economic, environmental, and social aspects of our business. Keeping this in mind, we’ve developed a sustainability strategy to ensure that our business practices align with our core values.

Why is Sustainability Important to Us?

Our experiences in different parts of the world collecting, sampling, and analyzing some of the world’s most powerful plant extracts and dietary supplements – while setting up long-term relationships with people from a wide variety of cultures – have opened our eyes to the responsibilities we have as a business and a group of friends. Our responsibilities are to ensure that none of the resources we use are degraded, to ensure that the people we work with are treated fairly and with dignity, and to ensure that our customers receive the best quality products and truthful, accessible information about how to use them and what they do.

We see the world as a wild, ever-changing, complex, and interconnected system, and we believe that when resources are degraded in any part of the world this has a ripple effect on all systems the world around. Likewise, when systems are restored anywhere and people’s well-being taken care of, this has a positive impact on many different systems in places far and wide.

We believe that by adopting an outlook like this, together we can make the world a better place. And who doesn’t want to live in a better world? A world that is less polluted, a world where wilderness is revered instead of destroyed, where people from all cultures can appreciate life in their own way, and where we accept and embrace our responsibilities as custodians of this beautiful planet.

We’re taking steps to reduce our footprint. Stay tuned to our website and our newsletter for more information on the projects we’re engaging in and on how you can help contribute to a more sustainable planet.

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