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About e-bizda International Business Directory

e-bizda is a newly revamped international business directory. We, at Pigtail Pundits, have been in the link-building and SEO business for 22 years now. During that period, we have spent 1000s of dollars in directory listings for ourselves and on behalf of our clients.

We have wondered often why business directories are such a poor deal

  1. 3 lines of listings and so skimpy on information
  2. Occasional deep links for a high fee
  3. Zero possibilities for persuasion
  4. Zero possibilities for lead generation
  5. Rare chance of real traffic

That set us thinking and a whole bunch of questions followed

  1. Can we build a directory where we can overcome the traditional challenges with listings?
  2. Can we get more value for customers who pay for listings with us?
  3. Can we put the full persuasion needed to get customers into a listing, for our clients?
  4. Can we educate, and/or train our customers on how to see value in directories?

e-bizda was born out of our frustration with traditional web directories

  1. Build a modern web directory – it must be far superior in aesthetics to conventional directories.
  2. Give more value to customers who pay for listings: Build the scope for full persuasion, multiple images and gallery, formatting, FAQs and Testimonials, Maps and Timings. Don’t skimp on entry length and/or deep link opportunities for paying clients.
  3. Drive traffic and leads to the website through continuous, aggressive, year-round content generation and promotions. After all we are SEO and Content Marketing practitioners ourselves and we do this for our clients on a regular basis.
  4. Reinvest our earnings from the directory to build a property that rivals with the best in the business and promises great value to our customers.

The e-bizda pedigree

E-Bizda International Business Directory About Us
e-bizda.com is lovingly built by Pigtail Pundits, one of India’s oldest digital marketing agencies.

Since 1997, for 22 years now, we have been successfully marketing businesses on the web. We help companies small and large, in India, USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Singapore, and UAE with integrated digital marketing that works.

Get websites, content, and digital marketing that works for you

The web is bit like the Wild West frontiers. Ignorance is the norm. Cheap and FREE seem to be the mantras. There are new tricks and fads for making money that spring up like wild oats every day. Everyone is a marketing expert doling out advice.

There is an information overload that’s both confusing and leading to poor marketing decisions.
A lot of clients come to grief because of this. That’s something we understand well.
How do you decide what’s good for your brand in this cacophony?
This is where 22 years of marketing wisdom on the web comes to your rescue.
We harness content, SEO, persuasion and lead generation to build your business. We cut to the chase. No bull shit. Just pure action and measurable results.
To do this effectively, we train, re-orient ourselves every 6 months, experiment with ideas, measure what’s working and what’s not and move forward.

If you need help with the following, we will be happy to assist

  1. Content Marketing, or Inbound Marketing
  2. SEO and organic traffic generation
  3. PPC and Lead Generation
  4. Conversion Optimisation on your website for better results/ leads
  5. Building websites that sell

Let’s talk. You can reach us at +91 983 307 1725. Or you can write to us here.